Mega Engineering is a solution provider to the Food, Pharma, Beverages & Dairy with a vision to become a globally respected leading technology provider.

We have experienced management team, who has worked in various MNC’s in different field like engineering, manufacturing & sales.

For all above domains we supply skid mounted systems as mentioned below;
  • Food grade mixing vessels & storage tank system, Blending tanks
  • Pasteuriser - milk, cream, curd milk, ice cream mix, fruit pulp and juices
  • CIP system
  • Milk reception system
  • Liquid food processing system
  • Mixing unit – powder, sugar, pectin etc.
  • Heat exchanger, Tubular Designed Heat Exchangers
  • Hot water generator
  • Valve cluster- mix-proof valves, butterfly valves
  • Dimpled Jacketed & Insulated tanks, Silo
  • Evaporators


• Inactivate / Destroy all Pathogens • Reduce Total Bacterial count • Standardization of milk • Homogenization

Pasteuriser Applications

• Milk Pasteurization • Cream Pasteurization • Curd Milk Pasteurization • Ice Cream Mix Pasteurization • Juice Pasteurization (with THE)


• Modular construction • Indirect heating with THE based hot water system. • Easy installation • Easy integration with existing Automation system • Capacity Expandable design • Easy Upgradable from manual to Automated version • Inbuilt CIP facility


To Clean Equipment (process tanks/vessels) & Pipe lines which are coming in contact with the food, juices etc. CIP is the process used to ensure that, process reactors, vessels and lines are free of organic and inorganic contaminants.

CIP Applications

• Dairy • Juices • Food • Pharma


• Modular construction • Works on 4 key parameters – Temperature, flow, time & concentration • Easy installation • Easy integration with existing Automation system • Expandable Capacity design • Easy Upgradable from manual to Automated version


We offer food blending tank systems, the best machinery for mixing and blending liquid foods & beverage products. The food blending tanks systems are compatible to any size tank and allows operators to streamline their production process, reduce energy consumption and eliminate in-tank maintenance altogether.

Blending tank Applications

• Additives blending • Food Blending • Beverage Blending • Dairies Blending • Uniform temperature stabilization


• Yields a higher quality and homogenized mixture with less efforts • Reduce mixing times by mixing in the original container • Uniform temperature stabilization • Uses less energy than alternative options • Mixing equipment is food grade quality – stainless steel, aseptic welding – suitable for sanitary operations food grade processing


Mega Engineering offers Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers with Smooth Tubes and bigger Tube using its fixed sized ranges. Our customized ranges of heat exchangers are used for applications such as cooking pre -heaters, hot water generators, condensers, re –boilers etc.

Heat-exchanger Applications

• Exchangers on utility fluids (heating, compressor, air-conditioning, etc.) • Exchangers on CIP (cleaning in place) • Hot water production • Heating in order to lower the product’s viscosity • Sterilization (SIP) • Pasteurization


• Food grade surface condition (rugosity: Ra) • Good Drainability as per std. sanitary practice • Specific couplings (clamp, DIN, SMS connection etc.) • Materials – SS304 & SS316


Ribbon blender consists of a U-shaped horizontal trough containing a double helical ribbon agitator that rotates within. The agitator’s shaft is positioned in the Centre of the trough and has welded spokes on which the helical ribbons (also known as spirals) are welded. Since the ribbon agitator consists of a set of inner and outer helical ribbons, it is referred to as a “double" helical ribbon agitator for bettor mixing & drying.

Ribbon blender applications

• cocoa mix • instant salad dressing • cake mixes • spices • mixing seasonings food items • Blending of flavors • gelatin mixing


• Sanitary design-heavy gauge • stainless steel constructions • Bearing mounted on lanterns outside of mixing container to avoid contamination • Wide range of arability • Feeding through a hopper mounted on top of blender


Mega Engineering’s evaporator system is a falling film evaporator which optimized based on the requirements; the system can be equipped with up to 6 sections. The product to be concentrated is distributed on the heating pipes and a thin film is created as it flows downwards. The heating steam is used to heat the pipes from the outside, causing the fluid to boil and evaporate. Fluids and vapors are separated in the lower section of the heating element.

The concentrated fluid travels to the subsequent concentration section, while vapors are directed to the separator and are later used for further evaporation. The product must undergo all evaporation stages in order to achieve the desired degree of concentration.


• High efficiency • Sanitary design-heavy gauge • Short retention time • Convenient to maintenance • Low steam consumption • Fully automatic control system