Manufacturing CO2 recovery plants from distillery & brewery requires comprehensive know-how relating to gas production, pre-treatment, purification technology and refrigeration engineering. Mega Engineering offers best solutions with optimum capital cost with loweset possible operation cost for the maximum profitability to customers. Mega Engineering offer most advanced CO2 recovery plants with sophisiticated PLC/DCS automation.

The fully automatic system correctly treat the CO2 generated during the fermentation process. The refined CO2 is suitable for food-grade and can be used for beverages industries.

Mega Engineering's CO2 recovery plant has advanced technology and continuous up-gradation of operational features. More focus on energy saving has previously commenced us to provide our clients with innovative solutions. We consider continuous improvisation and technology up-gradation to deliver world-class products.

Process Description

Depending upon the source from which CO2 gas is produced, the CO2 recovery process starts with a foam separator which removes foam from the incoming CO2. Foam free gas, may stored in a gas balloon, which – when full – will start the CO2 prurification process. After removal of the water soluble components in the Gas Washer, the gas is then compressed, deoderized and dried.

Ammonia based refrigeration plat liquefies the incoming CO2 and purges the unwanted non-condensables gases like oxygen and nitrogen. A stripping system provides additinoal CO2 purification, and transfers the liquid CO2 to storage tanks. Product liquid CO2 is normally transferred to tankers, and in few cases in cylinders.

Major Equipment List of CO2 Plant :
  • CO2 Strippers
  • CO2 Dehydrator
  • Deodorisers
  • Evaporation Condensers (NH3 Systems)
  • Activated Carbon Purifier
  • KMnO4 Scrubber
  • CO2 Liquifier
  • Foam / Moisture Traps
  • Evaporation Condensers (NH3 Systems)
  • Refrigerated CO2 Pressure Vessels
  • CO2 Storage Tanks
  • NOx Tower
Salient Features :
  • Fully Automatic Plant
  • Construction : ASTM A240 Gr304 (Gr316 available on Request)
  • Scada Computor based / Touch Screen Based
  • Flow controllers
  • Data Logging
  • Skid Mounted Plants