Mega Engineering is currently offering Great answers for ethanol production plant from various raw materials. Processes are tailor made to fit local conditions and quality of feedstock. Our flexible designs can handle multiple feedstocks in the same plant to produce various grades of alcohol.

We can handle following feedstocks:

Starch Based Feedstock:
  • Grains : Corn, Wheat, Broken rice, Sorghum, Rye, Millet, etc.
  • Tubers : Cassava, Tapioca,Potato
  • Other : Waste starch slurries
Sugar Based Feedstock:
  • Molasees : Molasses grade A,B and C
  • Sugarcane : Sugarcane juice, Sugarcane Syrup etc.
  • Dates : Fresh and Waste dates
  • Others : Sweet sorghum

Best quality product,lowest possible opex consistency in product quality and ease of operation are key features of “Mega-Efficiente" distillation technology.

We offer customized distillation system to comply with client’s requirement to produce different grades of alcohol with minimum impure spirit production.


  • Easy to operate
  • High yield
  • Continuous fermentation
  • Consistent yield
  • Suitable for sugary feedstock


  • Recycle up to 65% raw vinasse
  • Continuous Process
  • Lowest water consumption
  • Lowest power consumption


  • High Alcohol concnetration up to 15%
  • Most suitable for grain
  • Without or with Jet Cooker
  • Auto cleaning
  • CSTR design

Our Offerings:

Fermentation Technologies

  • MEGA – SIF

Distillation Technogies

  • MEGA – Efficiente
  • MEGA – Pure

Dehydration Technogies

  • MEGA – PSA
MEGA Efficiente:

The system is designed with objective of low steam consumption using Vacuum-Pressure combination of Distillation Columns.

MEGA Pure :

To produce extra pure Potable grade/Extra neutral alcohol,this technology is most suitable.Optimum use of copper,proper reflux ratios,efficient hydro-extraction distillation ensures best quality alcohol.


Based on Pressure Swing Adsorption technology using 3Å molecular sieves with lowest energy consumption using best heat integration.Fully automatic plant is simple and easy to operate. Mega-PSA ensures high ethanol dryness and long life of molecular sieves.


With an experienced team of alcohol/ distillery plant experts, strong engineering back up and innovative ideas, we offer services of plant upgradation & expansion to reduce production cost, save energy, reduce effluent load. Our innovation solutions have proved helpful to our customers to earn extra profits.

Our distillery up-gradation services include the following:

  • Upgrading batch fermentation to continuous
  • Upgrading atmospheric distillation to multipressure distillation.
  • Increase capacities of plant without changing existing set up.
  • Improvement of alcohol quality
  • Reducing effluent volume
  • Improvement of alcohol yield
  • Automation & controls
  • Integrated Evaporations.

And many more...


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. 3R is the need of the world. Integrated energy solutions by Mega Engineering not only address environmental concerns but also reduce the operational costs. Based on the local conditions and client’s requirement, the solution is chosen.